X198 720P RC Drone outdoor GPS brushless four-axis aircraft GPS positioning return remote control aircraft professional drone

كود المنتج: 40878680-720-p

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Sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, forward/backward, altitude hold, one key take off/landing, follow me mode, WiFi FPV, G-sensor, headless mode, one key return, 5G Wifi, GPS
2.4G 4CH transmitter and 6-Axis gyro for your easy and stable control.
The 5G WIFI 720P camera enables you to have a further real-time images transmission image for fantastic video/picture taking.
Cool LED lights can clearly identify the direction at night, increase more fun.
With attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problems.
Altitude hold mode makes it easier to control the drone for beginner and more stable for aerial photography.
GPS positioning mode provides a more accurate flight.
One-key taking off/landing/stop makes the operation more convenient and it is very suitable for novice operation.
With one key automatic return function, the plane can find the way home easily.
Follow Me function can make the aircraft automatically follow the operator during fly.
Surround action will enable the aircraft flying in a circle, providing cooler shooting perspective.
Use flight plan at your fingertips, just draw a route on the screen, the copter will auto pilot as per the given path.
Item brand: XINLIN
Item name: X198 Wifi FPV Drone
Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH
Color: Black
Camera: 5G 720P
Control distance: about 400m
5G Wifi Trans-distance: about 300m
Drone battery: 7.4V 2000mAh Modularized lipo battery
Flying time: about 20mins
Charging time: About 200mins
Remote controller battery: 4 * AA battery(not included)
Product size: 290 * 290 * 100mm
Product weight(including battery): 348g

Mini drone
Color: Black
Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH (share the same controller with X198)
Control distance: 20m
Drone battery: 3.7V 150mAh (built-in)
Flying time: about 5min
Charging time: about 30min
Drone size: 75 * 70 * 20mm
Drone weight: 17g

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X198 720P RC Drone outdoor GPS brushless four-axis aircraft GPS positioning return remote control aircraft professional drone